I’m running for US Senate because we need an entirely different approach to politics. We have very serious challenges ahead, and we are at a critical time in our history. We can no longer afford the divisiveness and tribalism that have been the hallmark of our politics for so long. I’m offering a new approach.

We should acknowledge that reasonable people have good faith differences on important issues. People with different worldviews CAN peacefully live together while not forcing their way of life on others. I advocate for open-mindedness, tolerance, voluntary kindness, civility, a commitment to truth and facts – wherever they lead, building high levels of trust with others, and an overall commitment to optimizing human happiness and well-being while minimizing suffering.

I’m for “Live and Let Live” on all issues. I encourage you to invest a few minutes to discover how people with different views can live together in freedom, peace, and prosperity. Let’s chart a new course together!