Sheriff David Hathaway

“Marc Victor is an independent person, and he has a great history standing up for the freedoms of Americans.” - Sheriff David Hathaway, Border Sheriff of Santa Cruz County, Arizona.

David Lundberg

“I have known Marc J. Victor for over 33 years. We served together during Desert Storm. He is a passionate, innovative thinker, who we need to represent Arizona and this Nation during this difficult time.” - David Lundberg, Retired Phoenix Police Sergeant

Alessandro Fusillo

“Marc is an unrelenting fighter for freedom, for liberty, for the right of the people to be left of alone for the pursuit of happiness.” - Alessandro Fusillo, President of the Italian Libertarian Movement

Professor Walter Block

“I support the candidacy of Marc Victor for senator of Arizona. Marc will be a good teammate for Rand Paul, who is also a libertarian. If you love liberty and freedom support Marc Victor for Senator of Arizona.” - Professor Walter Block

Attorney Stephan Kinsella

“Marc Victor is an attorney who fights to defend the rights for people. I support Marc Victor and his fight for liberty." - Attorney Stephan Kinsella (Houston, TX)

Donald Boudreaux

“Marc Victor is a principled man. Principles in support of individual freedom, individual responsibility, and ideals upon which this nation was founded.” - Donald Boudreaux, an American Economist, Author and Professor

Charles Goyette

“I have known Marc for decades. He is very serious about the principles of freedom and prosperity. Please join me in supporting Marc Victor for the Unites States Senate” - Charles Goyette, Television Commentator & Talk Radio Host

Maj Toure

“We don’t get many people that want to put the people upfront, ahead of themselves. Marc is one of those gentlemen and would be a perfect candidate for Senate.” - Maj Toure, Activist and Founder of Black Guns Matter

Barry Copper

“He is by far one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the United States and he started the Live and Let Live Movement. If you are a Freedom lover, vote for Marc Victor.” - Barry Copper, Activist and Former Texas Police Officer

Michael R. Edelstein

“Marc victor is founder for the Attorneys for Freedom and the Live and Let Live World Peace Movement. He has created 22 worldwide Live and Let Live chapters. He would be highly effective as Senator.” - Michael R. Edelstein, PH.D., Author of Three Minute Therapy

Doug Casey

“Marc Victor, from a personal point of view, is a completely standup guy. Absolutely, has the principles to do what he says and will do the right thing.” - Doug Casey, Professional Investor, Economic Commentator and Bestselling Author

Jacek Spendel

“I am happy to endorse my friend Marc Victor in his race for US Senate. I have known Marc for over a decade. He is a man who keeps promises. He is a good man. He is a family man. He is a man of integrity. I am sure that a person with such good values will represent Arizona the best way possible in Washington D.C.” - Jacek Spendel, President of Liberty International

Mike Wasdin

“Marc has always been a person of great character and principle. He has always advocated for peace and freedom, not only in his personal life but in his professional life as well. I know he would do what needs to be done to shake up Washington.” - Mike Wasdin

Rob DiLullo

“I have known Marc Victor for over 34 years. I have served with Marc in the Marine Corp. If you are looking for common sense leadership and individual freedoms, Marc Victor is where your vote should go.” - Rob DiLullo Former Marine

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