The Live and Let Live Principle applies the same way to all issues. We first determine who is the owner of the property that is at issue. We then apply the Live and Let Principle to analyze whether the Principle is being violated. If the Principle is being violated, then the conduct should be illegal. If not, then the conduct should be legal. The issue of taxes involves the government involuntarily taking money from individuals. It is easy to determine the actual and rightful owner of the money at issue is the individual. Because The Principle applies the same way to individuals, groups, and governments, it’s easy to conclude that by involuntarily taking an individual’s money, the government violates The Principle. The Live and Let Movement advocates for a world where all aggression is illegal. We believe a civilized, productive, and virtuous society can be achieved without legally permitting aggression for any purpose. Indeed, creative people have always found non-coercive solutions to problems. That aggression (i.e. taxes) may be the easiest way to envision realizing a particular goal does not make it permissible. While we work towards a world without aggression, we cheer any move towards less aggression in any area such as taxation.